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Welcome to Confirmation 2022!

These pages are for those students whose families are currently registered with St. John's parish and whose parents had registered their children using the Religious Ed form in the fall of 2020.

Prayer for Confirmation

Holy Spirit, strengthen me with your gifts of Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety, and Fear of the Lord, and help me to serve as a disciple of Christ.

Grant that I may grow into the fullness of the stature of Christ. Fill me with the joy of your presence. Increase in me the fruit of your Spirit. Help me to experience and trust your dwelling within, so that I can count on your guidance today and every day.

Show us the way to help one another and to become better disciples of Jesus Christ, sharing your love with our world and with each person we meet.

Come, Holy Spirit! Come!

CONFIRMATION 2022:  All Candidates should have received their Confirmation Packet by early January 2020. Packets were mailed out to those registered with St. John's School or with St. John's Religious Ed.    All information and forms contained in the Confirmation Packet can also be found on this web page.  Please address all Sacramental questions and concerns to the RE Office and NOT to the teachers. Please read the entire packet before calling the RE Office with questions. All paperwork must be turned in to the RE Office and NOT to the Religion teachers. The first four registration forms (C1 - C4  found in the packet and online) are due to the RE Office as soon as possible. 

The Sacrament of Confirmation is traditionally administered during the 8th grade year of Religious Instruction at St. John's.  Preparation for Confirmation takes two-years. Candidates must be enrolled in classes for and both 7th and 8th grades to receive these sacraments.  If your child attended the first year at another parish or Catholic school, a letter from the Director of Religious Ed or principal must accompany the registration. The letter should state for how long the child has had religious education.

If your child has missed making an important sacrament, please contact the Parish Office.  Our RCIC Program (RCIA for children) is also a two-year program.

For those 7th grade students who are already "registered" through Religious Ed, our Confirmation and its retreat will be scheduled as soon as we receive the date for Confirmation from the Bishop's Office (which will probably be held in the Spring of 2022.)


The date for Confirmation will be announced in the summer after we hear from the Office of the Bishop of Arlington.

All 2022 Confirmation Candidates:
Don’t forget to complete your Service Hour Experience Journals and turn them in, and remember to update the RED Confirmation Binder in the vestibule of the church.

For those of you working on your hours, don’t forget that all Service Hours must be completed before June 30th and all paperwork must be turned in by dates shown below!

Confirmation is NOT graduation from striving to grow in ones faith (catechesis). Candidates are expected to continue with their catechesis for the year and the years beyond.

Confirmation is NOT a rite of passage.  This journey is NOT to be taken lightly.

Candidates who are serious about preparing for this Sacrament have plenty of time to complete all requirements prior to the interviews normally scheduled in the fall.

Please read the information below and on the corresponding links to find all that you need to know about our next Confirmation for St. John's youth.



From the Pastor

Dear Candidate for the Sacrament of Confirmation,

God bless and be with you and your family as you prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation.  In your baptism you became a child of God and for the many years since you have had opportunities to see that your life has a purpose within God’s Providence.

Confirmation promotes a closer friendship with God and configures you more like Christ.  By your prayers and acts of charity you help to assist your parents, siblings, friends and others to reach to become saints.  In so many ways you encourage the sacramental life of your family, most notably through the sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion.  Continue to be a faithful witness to Christ and the Faith by the lives you lead.

You and your classmates are part of a new generation that should bring a greater future of hope in a world that grows more secular ever day.  The secular world chooses to ignore the Church and matters of faith while not taking it seriously.  You are part of the new evangelization.  Through the grace and power of the Holy Spirit you will make a difference in the world.

In your future studies you will deal with the topics of morality, bioethics and social justice.  You will grow in a greater love and understanding the Church's teachings, its music, art, architecture, and literature.  You will develop the skill of recognizing others for their behavior as you grow in your ability to respond to a vocation to marriage, or the religious life.   You and your classmates will need to be people of prayer, who can preach with courage, teach with clarity, and serve with charity.  Evangelization is Our Lord’s request of all of us including your generation.  Become Apostles of Christ.

 Confirmation is the day of your new birth in the life of the Church.  May God bless and keep you.  May we always pray for one another.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

 Rev. Charles C. Smith



Confirmation is the strengthening and fullness of the Holy Spirit already received in Baptism.  When we were baptized we became children of God. As children of God we share the life of God, the life of three persons in one love. The Spirit is the love between Father and Son.  The Spirit acts in us urging us to move beyond our individual selves into making the community on Earth like the community of love that is God.  Confirmation calls us to a great participation in the mission of Jesus and the Church. Through Confirmation our relationship with God is deepened and we are incorporated more completely into the body of Christ. Confirmation obliges us, as true witnesses of Christ, to spread and defend the faith by word and deed.


When someone reaches their teens, they begin to realize that life is bigger than themselves.  They sense a need to reach beyond their own personal world and into the world of caring for others.  They find themselves inclined in that direction.  That inclination is God’s Spirit alive and moving in them.  Being "Confirmed" is the Church’s recognition that the Holy Spirit is moving in a person.  Thus the Church “confirms” what is going on.  To step forward and ask to be confirmed is for an individual to recognize that the Holy Spirit is moving in them, and then ask the larger faith community if they too recognize that Spirit.  If so, then someone is ready to be confirmed.  It takes recognition from two directions – from within oneself and from the faith community as well.

We say the Sacrament of Confirmation brings the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Actually, the sacrament “confirms” that those gifts have already begun.  If you wonder if you should be confirmed, look for those gifts beginning to blossom:

Wisdom A true knowledge of how to act and live based upon God’s viewpoint.  Look for the ability to see things as they truly are in an open-minded manner.


A deeper insight into what we believe by faith.  The ability to draw out consequences from the significance of events.
Right Judgment
The ability to make good and wise decisions dealing with everyday problems.


The strength to overcome fear when called to do what you sense is right and to stand up for one’s beliefs.
Knowledge The ability to comprehend the truths of the universe and being aware of that truth in one’s life.
A deep respect for God and all creation because one recognizes the presence of God in all that is.
Wonder and Awe
(Fear of the Lord)
The realization that our great and powerful God loves me and is close to me, and so also in all of God’s people and all of God’s creation.


Sacrament of Reconciliation

All candidates should make a habit of the Sacrament of Reconciliation prior to Confirmation.  "To receive Confirmation one must be in a state of grace. One should receive the sacrament of Penance in order to be cleansed for the gift of the Holy Spirit. More intense prayer should prepare one to receive the strength and graces of the Holy Spirit with docility and readiness to act." - The Catechism of the Catholic Church #1309, #1310

Student Requirements & Due Dates

We will not know the date of our Confirmation until the Bishop's Office assigns one to us.  We will publicize that information as soon as we have it.  Our Confirmation date will probably be scheduled for early 2022.

Two years of Religious Education classes are required in order to be Confirmed at St. Johns  and typically takes place in grades 7-8 (this depends on the previous catechesis which should have laid a firm foundation for this Sacrament prep).

The family of the candidate must be registered as parishioners of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church and regularly attend Mass here.

If parents or students have questions about any of the required paperwork or activities for this sacrament, please direct them to the Religious Ed office and not to the teachers.

Please turn in all documents to the St. John’s Religious Education Office and NOT to teachers.

The first four items listed in the chart below will get the ball rolling in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation at St. Johns.  In addition, all Confirmation candidates are required to provide a copy of their Baptism and First Eucharist Certificates.  If the candidate did not receive the sacraments at St. Johns, then proof must be provided from the parish where they received them.

We are also asking each candidate to complete several Spiritual exercises to help deepen their faith and enhance their prayer life.  These are not to be rushed or done at the last minute.  These include:

  • completing a "Stations of the Cross" on a Friday during Lent with their family

  • attending Eucharistic Adoration with their family or parent for 1 hour

  • completing a Rosary with their family

  • completing a Novena to the Holy Spirit as they prepare to receive this special Sacrament

A binder for Confirmation Milestones will be left in the vestibule of the church after all C1-C4 forms are turned in.  After completing the Stations of the Cross, the Eucharistic Adoration, and the Rosary, the students and parents should look up the students name in this binder. 

They are then asked to sign off on each of these activities indicating that they have completed them.



Final forms are due before the dates shown


Form C 1

Application for the Reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation

Form C 2 Confirmation Letter of Intent
Form C 3 Student Preparation Policy Agreement


Form C 4 Parent Policy Agreement


  All Service Hours must be completed by this date!
Please contact
the RE Office for service hour opportunities.


Form C 5 Completed Stations of the Cross with family (When completed, please update the Confirmation Spiritual Activity Completion Log Book which will be in the vestibule of the church)


Form C 6 Attend Eucharistic Adoration with family (When completed, please update the Confirmation Spiritual Activity Completion Log Book which will be in the vestibule of the church)


Form C 7 All Service Hours Log Forms must be completed and turned in. 


Form C 8

Info on Confirmation Service Hours

All Service Hours Experience Journals must be completed and turned in

begins Late Fall  2021 Item C 14

Please study the Clock test and questions listed in preparation for your Interview.  Please do NOT wait until the last minute.


Form C 9 Completed a Novena to the Holy Spirit and turned in Novena Definitions
Form C 10 Completed Family Rosary  with family
(When completed, please update the Confirmation Spiritual Activity Completion Log Book which will be in the vestibule of the church)
Form C 11 Saint Name and Report
Form C 12 Letter to the Pastor
Item C 13 “My Sponsor” Form

AFTER 1/3/22

Item S 1 Sponsor Eligibility & Requirements
AFTER 1/3/22
Form S 2 Sponsor Agreement Form
AFTER 1/3/22
Form S 3 Sponsor Proxy Form - if needed

late 2021

Item C 14 Must complete Interview with our Pastor or Parochial Vicar. The RE Office will contact the candidate to schedule the interview when all required paperwork is completed and turned in to the RE Office.



Must attend the Confirmation Retreat. All Confirmation candidates are required to attend a retreat prior to receiving Confirmation. The retreat will be a day-long event held early to mid-winter.


  Confirmation Rehearsal is mandatory for candidates and their sponsors


  Order Confirmation Robes - info will be available at a later date



It is always presumed that someone who is seeking to be confirmed has reached the point in their life when they take their faith seriously. In such an instance it is natural that one joins the faith community in prayer on a weekly basis by attending mass. In fact, mass attendance may be a good barometer for one’s readiness for Confirmation. Consequently, it is expected that a candidate for Confirmation is coming to mass and receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation regularly. If this is not the case, one should examine their motive for Confirmation.   Parents should make every effort to support their children by encouraging frequent and regular Mass attendance. What joy and blessings God will bring to these families!

Dress Code

Out of respect for the Sacraments of Confirmation and Eucharist, the following dress is expected of Confirmation Candidates and Sponsors:

Below is the dress code that is to be followed for the Confirmation Ceremony.  Please keep in mind that this is a church event and should not be compared to the dress style that would be appropriate for a graduation or prom.  Confirmation is a joyous yet serious occasion and clothing should reflect that.

Ladies’ Dress Code:

Ladies are to wear either a blouse and skirt of conservative length (fall to the knee or below), or a dress of the same fashion.  NO tight-fitting clothing.  NO cleavage-revealing tops or shirts.  Dress slacks (as long as they are not skin tight) and blouse, sweater or jacket is permissible.  Waist and midriff should be completely covered.  Shoulders are to be covered ~ no sheer clothing or spaghetti straps.  Necklines should be conservative.  No open back dresses or tops.  Color is the choice of the candidate.

Gentlemen’s Dress Code:

Men are to wear a collared dress shirt of any color, pressed dress pants (of the proper waist size and inseam length) and tie.  Shirt should be tucked in.  Sports jackets are encouraged, but optional.  Suits are allowed, but not expected.  A belt and dress socks must also be worn. 

Shoe code:  This applies to both men and ladies

Not to be worn:  Sneakers, boots of any kind, hiking shoes, sandals or flip flops.

Shoes should be of a dressy nature.  Ladies shoes should be of a conservative heel height.  Proper hosiery or stockings must be worn.

If in doubt, don’t wear it!

Any candidate in violation of these dress codes will be sent back home.  If you have any questions or concerns, please ask in advance.   THANK YOU!

Confirmation Service Hours

“For by the Sacrament of Confirmation, [the baptized] are more perfectly bound to the Church and are enriched with a special strength of the Holy Spirit. Hence they are, as true witnesses of Christ, more strictly obligated to spread and defend the faith by word and deed.” (CCC 1285)

A Few Words About Service:

Service is based on the spiritual and corporal works of mercy and, most of all, on the example of Christ who came to serve. When giving service, the following points should be considered:

  • It is selflessly and lovingly helping those in need. Your service is not just a job to be done.

  • You should reflect on how your service project is helping you take on the mind and heart of Christ, fulfill the needs of others, and build up the Christian Community.

  • The giving of service should continue after your Confirmation, and all through your life.

  • As parents, we should encourage and invite our children to develop this “way” of service so that it may grow throughout their lives.  This is one of the duties that we are called to do: to guide our children to come to know, love and to serve God.

Why Must All Service Hours be for the Catholic Church?

Confirmation is the sacrament through which the Holy Spirit comes to us in a special way and enables us to profess our faith as strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Jesus Christ.  The sacramental grace of Confirmation helps us to live our faith loyally and to profess it courageously.  

After Confirmation one should continue to study the Catholic faith even more earnestly than before, so to obtain the ability to explain and defend the faith. As parents and as Confirmed Catholics we do not want to starve our souls by not feeding this natural desire to grow in our love, our faith and our service to God. We wish to receive the graces (Soul Food) we receive in regular and frequent reception of the sacraments. In order to become the best we can be, we should not rest or become complacent in our faith.

The Catholic laity should participate in the work of the Catholic Church (apostolate of the hierarchy).  The work of the Catholic Church is to win souls for Christ by bringing them into the Church He founded.  In order to prepare Confirmation candidates for their lifelong work of bringing souls to Christ and the Church He founded (The Catholic Church), all service hours must be completed with a Catholic group or for a Catholic organization; and preferably with St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Warrenton, VA.

We applaud those individuals volunteering for groups not associated with the Catholic Church.  It is very kind to volunteer for activities in your local community such as:  tutoring/mentoring children, volunteering at the public library, working the concession stand at soccer games, etc.  However, these activities do not directly promote the cause of the Catholic Church, the salvation of souls.  For Confirmation, we are interested in developing the Catholic community.  When people work together friendships are often formed, these friendships generate a sense of community within a parish.  Once a sense of community is established, the members of the Church can look to one another for support in their quest for attaining heaven.  Participating in the ministries of the Catholic Church helps students to appreciate the Catholic faith, as well as to learn more about it. 

Our hope for the Confirmation candidates is that they remain good Catholics their entire life.  Those that faithfully attend Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation, and receive the Sacrament of Penance regularly are usually active in parish ministries, and have an active prayer life.  By participating in a variety of parish activities while preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation, one can better discern God’s plan for how they are called to support the Catholic Church.  The fifth precept of the Church is to contribute to the support of the Church.  This means that one should not only support the Church financially (when able) but also support the Church by volunteering to help ministries that have been organized in the Church.  Supporting the Catholic Church also involves prayer and spiritual growth.  As each member of the church grows spiritually, the Church is strengthened through an outpouring of God’s grace.  Prayer for the Catholic Church and for all to see God’s truth is imperative in today’s society.

Guidelines and Opportunities for Service:

o First we want you to be safe and healthy, so at this time we ask that you complete your service hours at home. Yes, that means that all service hours are to be completed at home.

o With the Covid virus still keeping us cautious, we will limit the volunteer opportunities for Confirmation Service Hours. When Covid restrictions are lifted, we may offer opportunities through SignUpGenius using the emails provided on the C1 form that is to be turned in.  Until then, those who need opportunities for service are to follow the following guidelines with all service hours to be directed and approved by parents, and agreed upon by both the Confirmandi and parent(s). For most, Service projects: receive an hour for an hour.

o      Parents are to sign off on the log form when the service is completed. Remember to reflect on the service in your write-ups as well. Complete a Service Hours Experience Journal for each type of Service you perform.

o Each Confirmation candidate should complete a minimum of 25 hours of Service to the St. John’s Community (which includes your immediate family and others).  Over 6-7 months, this will be a few hours each month of your time – most of us spend at least that amount of time watching TV or using the internet each day.

o Parents:  If you have any questions, or are unsure about the service project your child will complete, please call the Religious Education Office PRIOR to having your child complete an invalid service project.

o Service hours are to be initiated and completed with a humble, joyous, and generous heart. There should be no strings attached, no compensation (money or rewards), no duress, no whining and no tears, and no danger of harm.  If someone is in need, ask how you can help and do so with joy.  The goal of doing such service is helping create the mindset and the soul of a Saint.

o Here are some examples:

·  If you have an elderly family member or family friend who is lonely, or needs chores done, spend time with them and help them.

·   Spiritual works of mercy: 

o  Teach younger children the faith, prayers, etc.; Offering a spiritual bouquet for a loved one

o    An Hour of Adoration for a special intention

o    Organize a Family Rosary

o    Attend a Holy Hour

o    Learn the Divine Mercy Chaplet and teach your family

o  Practice prayers with a younger sibling ~ Prepare dinner for a new mom or lonely relative

·  We don't normally allow chores for the family to count for service hours but, in this time of caution, we will allow larger projects (outside regular chores) at home to count: yard work, cleaning the basement or garage, paint a room, mulching, etc.

·   Raking leaves ~ Snow shoveling

·   Write letters or cards to the lonely

·   Behind the scenes work for a food pantry or clothing drive

·   Plan a special dinner or treat to celebrate a saint’s feast day

·  Please remember that other service projects such as school assignments, club or team projects, or (once again) current family responsibilities (i.e. cleaning your own room/making your own bed/current chores, etc.) would not fulfill this service requirement.

When Covid restrictions are lifted, and families feel comfortable, we would like to encourage our Confirmandi to attend at least 2 St. John’s Middle School Youth Ministry meetings = 2 hours.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please call the RE Office.

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