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Registrations for Religious Education

Welcome to the Religious Education (RE) Registration web page.  If you are new to our program, all of our classes are held in the parish school. Our RE classes begin mid August.  No RE Registrations are accepted on the first day of classes!

By the end of October we will have completed the first quarter of the year.  No additional  registrations will be accepted for this year from Nov 1 on unless the family is transferring from another RE program in another parish.

All students in grades 1-12 who are not attending a Catholic school should be enrolled in RE classes

Your family must be registered with St. John the Evangelist Parish to attend Religious Education (RE) classes. RE Registration forms must be filled out entirely (front and back).  Follow all of the directions on the forms. Please note that Email is the primary mode of communication for RE.  Return all of the forms with complete payment to St. John's RE.

If any of your children were baptized outside of this parish, and you have not already supplied us with a copy of each child's baptismal record, you will need to supply a copy for us.

St. John’s Religious Ed (RE) Family registrations forms that are Pre-filled, are available at the parish office. All students in grades 1-12 who are not attending a Catholic school should be enrolled in RE classes.

These Classes are now full:

    Sunday, Session A Grade(s)   4  & 8

    Sunday, Session B Grade(s)   6

    Monday, Session C Grade(s)  1, 6 & 7



2020-21   RE Registrations

FYI – Classes begin August 16th&17th.Religious Ed Registration Forms were mailed to those families enrolled this past year. If you would like an RE Registration Form mailed to you, please email & one will be sent. We will register families for next year's classes while hoping for the best and preparing for other options. The Diocese and all DREs are working together with their Pastors to prepare for the upcoming year's catechesis.

Register with payment BEFORE June 1stto receive a registration discount.

Expectations for Religious Ed Families

Sacramental Preparation

Our RE Programs


Registration Form - Please:
call the Parish Office to have one mailed to you
email to have one mailed to you
come into the Parish Office to pick up a copy of the RE Registration Forms

Expectations for Religious Ed Families


1.          Anyone with an outstanding balance will have to pay that balance before this year’s registration form will be accepted.

2.          Families need to attend Mass every Sunday (or Sat. night Vigil) and Holy Days of Obligation, go to Confession frequently, and pray together as a family.  During RE we teach the Catholic faith, but the children learn the attitudes and habits of their parents. It is difficult to teach that which is not practiced (i.e. Mass, Sacraments).  Please, let us work together to help build your children’s faith.

3.          No class changes will be made after the first two weeks of class, unless it’s an emergency. We do not consider sports schedules to be an emergency.

4.          Parents (or a responsible adult) must bring their child to the classroom and then sign-out their child every week from class.  This requires walking into the building at the beginning and end of each class.  Do not drop your child off on their own – park (not in the fire lane in front of the school) and walk them to the classroom.

5.          Parents should make every effort to ensure that their child arrives on time and does not disrupt the class after it begins.  Children arriving 15 minutes late will be marked as absent.

6.          Parents are asked to help ensure that their children arrive to class with all of their books and supplies:  sharpened pencils, pen, paper, notebook, if required, just as you would with their regular school classes.

7.          Parents should be on time to pick up their child after the classes are completed.  Our RE volunteers cannot stay for an extended time.    After 10 minutes, children will be brought to the office.

8.          Parents need to bring a written excuse for every absence and need to ensure that all missed class work is reviewed at home and all homework is made up.

9.          Students who miss more than 5 days of Religious Ed will have to be evaluated to see if they are able to move up to the next grade/and if they are properly prepared to receive a sacrament.

10.        All students will be tested/assessed to evaluate whether they are learning the faith (prayer, terms and understanding the Catholic faith) before they are allowed to advance to the next year’s level – see your child’s textbook as well as the Arlington Diocese Standards of Learning at

11.        All children Grades 1-12 are expected to be catechized. Grades 1-8 are expected to enroll in classes. 9th & 10th graders are expected to enroll in classes – 11th & 12 graders have the option of attending classes or Youth Group all year long.

12.        Preparation for First Holy Communion and Confirmation are two-year programs minimum. They receive First Communion in second (2nd) grade and Confirmation, in the eighth (8th) grade. They must be enrolled in both 1st and 2nd, and grades 6th through 8th to receive these sacraments. If your child attended the first year at another parish or Catholic school, a letter from the Director of Religious Ed or principal must accompany the registration. The letter should state for how long the child has had religious education.  If your child has missed making an important sacrament, please contact the Parish Office.

13.        Confirmation Prep begins in 6th grade.  Children who have not been catechized for a time prior to 6th/7th grade will have to be remediated per the RE Office.

14.        Confirmation Packets are given out at the “Student & Parent” meeting usually in early September of the 7th grade year. Please read the entire packet and turn in completed first four pages as soon as possible. Please pay attention to deadlines and turn requirements in on time to ensure that the process is a smooth one.

15.        Only registered RE students should attend class. Friends and relatives of students (i.e. sleepover friends) are not allowed to attend class without written permission from the DRE, their teachers and a waiver from those friend’s parents.

16.        Please check the bulletin and website often for updates and information.

17.        RCIC - these are classes for those children becoming Catholic, and/or those children grades 3 and up that need First Penance and First Communion and possibly Baptism / Confirmation.  The Parents of children in RCIC are required to attend meetings and retreats that will be scheduled during the year.  These classes are taught in Session B on Sundays (11am – 12:15pm).

18.        Do not bring any outside food or drink into the classrooms.  As we have many students with food allergies, we try to be very attentive to their needs.  The only exceptions for food being brought in will be for Christmas and End of Year parties and then we will make every effort to allow only non- allergy foods.


1.    You must come to class with books and supplies.  There is a $20 replacement fee for a lost book.

2.    Raise your hand before you speak.

3.    Do not “talk” during class unless the teacher has given permission.

4.    Listen and participate in class.

5.    Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

6.    Be kind to all and considerate of others.

7.    Be obedient and respectful to your teachers and assistants.

8.     Complete and turn in your assignments each week.

9.    We are fortunate to share the school facilities with others, so students should be respectful of the belongings of school property (do not touch the contents of any desks), and help keep the classrooms neat and clean.

10.  Do not bring a cell phone to class.  If a student brings a cell phone to class the teacher will keep it on the table in the front of the room until class is over.

11.  Do not bring any personal items/articles to class that will be distracting to the student or others.

12.   Follow this Dress Code for Students: Students should be dressed appropriately and modestly for class.

A.    No t-shirts with inappropriate pictures or words are to be worn. 

B.    Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist and no underwear should be visible.

C.   No spaghetti strapped shirts (camis) unless a shirt or sweater is worn over it.

D.   No mini-skirts or short-shorts.

E.    Pants and skirts are preferred over sweats and shorts.

*Please note that if your child is disruptive during class every effort will be made to assist them in practicing self-control.  However, St. John’s Religious Education reserves the right to dis-enroll students if behavior is unacceptable.

Sacramental Preparation:

Preparation for First Holy Communion is a two-year program and students must be enrolled in both 1st and 2nd grades.


Preparation for Confirmation begins in 6th grade and students traditionally receive  the Sacrament in the Spring of 8th Grade year.


If your child attended the first year at another parish or Catholic school, a letter from the Director of Religious Ed or principal must accompany the registration. The letter should state for how long the child has had religious education.

If your child has missed making an important sacrament, please contact the Parish Office.  Our RCIC PROGRAM (RCIA for children) is a two-year program typically for children grades 3 thru 11 and classes are offered throughout the school year during our Session B on Sundays at 11am.

RCIC Students in Grade 12 are invited to join our RCIA program classes held during the school year on Monday evenings. Please check the bulletin for details.


GRADES K-8 Class Sessions:
Classes are offered at the following times with RCIC offered during Session BClassroom placement will be based on available class space.

Sunday Session A (9:15 am - 10:30 am)   Grades K-8

Sunday Session B (11 am - 12:15 pm)       Grades K-8; All RCIC classes

Monday Session C (5 pm - 6:15 pm)           Grades K-8


High School Program:

 High School classes ($50 fee) available:

    Sunday        4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Grades 9 thru 12

    Monday       5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
 Grades 9 & 10
                       Grades 11& 12

    Monday       7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Grades 9 thru 12

  For info on the textbooks used with our regular High School classes, please click here.


If your child is to receive a Sacrament this coming year, the Sacramental Fee applies. Sacramental Fees must be paid in addition to the tuition fees (including Family Maximum).

To receive an early discount the RE registration forms (4 pages) must be received by the RE Office before June 1st.

A late fee will be charged for all Registration Forms turned in to the RE Office on August 1st or later.  Our regular fees are applied to Registration forms received June 1 to July 31st.

Late registrations: RE Classes began August 18th with registrations beginning this past April. After 2 months of classes, all classes are closed except for newly registered families that are transferring from other parishes.


Classroom placement will be based on available class spacePayment plans are available.

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